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Sep 22 //

TEEN TOP (틴탑) - Cry (12/365)

Sep 22 //

yuk0u wonders

If you receive this, share 10 random facts about yourself then pass this to your 15 favorite followers :)
  1. so behind on college apps crying ;A:
  2. i have an econ test and a comp sci test tmrw
  3. im really bad at data structures
  4. my favorite animal is a sting ray
  5. i had doritos tonight B-)
  6. i hate salad. with a burning passion. and i still eat it almost every day
  7. because i am a super picky eater. sometimes.
  8. randomly got into teen top last week like when did they get so mature??
  9. i can’t live without an eyeliner pen
  10. astronomy is my favorite subject/career goal and also there’s a lunar eclipse soon !!

thanks for tagging me! sorry i’m not going to tag more people ;;

Sep 22 //
Sep 22 //

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Sep 22 //
Sep 22 //
Sep 22 //